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Allegis Group Insights

Welcome to our Insights page, where you can read about various topics in the global talent, staffing, and recruitment services space. Bookmark this page to stay tuned for other subjects we’ll address in the future. 

Recruiting and Retaining Millennial and Gen Z Talent

Employers have adapted to engage the Baby Boomers and Gen X, and when it comes to engaging Millennial and Gen Z workers, times are changing again. Gen Z has arrived. Millennials have grown up, and the practices companies use to engage those workers need to mature with them. Whether your organization is struggling to recruit across generations or looking for clarity on changing expectations, our report highlights the issues and practices that can move your talent strategy forward. “Employers, It’s Time to Grow Up: Engaging the Millennial and Gen Z Workforce” is informative and actionable.

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Translate a Diverse Workforce into a Business Advantage

Top talent is scarce. Competition is intense. If a company does not make an effort to understand, attract, and engage diverse workers, it could miss out on great candidates, increased productivity, and many competitive advantages. That's why we're pleased to announced, "Talent, Business, and Competition: A New World of Diversity & Inclusion." While it is not intended as a prescriptive "how-to" manual, the report provides a valuable starting point for helping talent and business leaders understand the issues, ask the right questions, and consider recruiting and talent management implications.

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How Do Great Recruiting Organizations Stay Ahead?

What does it take to lead in the changing world of talent and business? For answers, we surveyed nearly 7,000 employers and candidates around the world. Read the results in our latest report, “Staying in Front: An Inside Look at the Changing Dynamics of Talent Acquisition” — a great resource for business leaders, talent professionals, and job seekers alike. Learn about challenges and opportunities related to job definition, sourcing, screening, and onboarding; trends in artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusion, and the millennial workforce; what distinguishes high-performing talent organizations; and candidate insights on key issues

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AI and the Future of Jobs and HR

Still think of artificial intelligence (AI) as science fiction? Think again. AI is displacing old jobs, creating new ones, and reshaping how companies compete for talent and get work done. With that in mind, we’ve released “AI and the World of Work” – research offering an informed perspective on the state of AI today, its impact on jobs, and its impact on talent management. For those who lead and execute talent strategy, rising to the new demands of an AI-enabled workplace is a business imperative. Inside the report, you’ll find:

  • Latest research including survey findings from a poll of 300+ global senior HR leaders
  • Background on the development of AI, major players, and its influence on workers and businesses
  • Expert insight on the implications for tomorrow’s talent and workforce strategies

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Global Workforce Trends and Their Influence on a Changing Workforce

Hiring pressures continue to mount amid rising demands on a shrinking talent supply. So to help businesses better understand the major economic and demographic trends influencing the supply of talent in the United States, United Kingdom, Primary Eurozone, and select APAC countries, we released the “Global Workforce Trends Report.” The research provides:

  • A region-by-region breakdown of major economic and demographic trends influencing talent supplies
  • Commentary on evolving priorities and best practices associated with talent strategy and the recruitment solutions to find, attract, and retain workers
  • Informed perspectives on changing markets for staffing, recruitment process outsourcing, and managed services provider solutions

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Allegis Group Blog

Whether you want to speed up your recruitment process, implement a talent solution, or land your next job, our blog delivers the thought leadership that clients and candidates need to get ahead. Stay in touch with the latest trends in the talent industry, perspectives from industry leaders, and inspiration to help businesses win and careers soar. We’ll also fill you in on some of the exciting developments going on with our company, including our growth around the globe, commitment to serving others, and what employees love most about working for Allegis Group. 

Not only will you hear from Allegis Group, but we’ll also direct you to articles written by our network of staffing and employment companies, all of whom focus on specific industries, skills, and solutions within talent management. 

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