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Rx for Talent Partnership: Broad Capabilities Covering all Talent Types and Delivery Models

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Andy Hilger, President, Allegis Group

People grow comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done. That’s true for any aspect of business, and talent acquisition is no exception. Unfortunately, filling talent gaps by hiring the same type of worker or using the same staffing or search strategy used in the past is no longer enough. Rigid or out-of-date approaches to talent acquisition can put a company at a deep disadvantage. We see it every day. In fact, many clients turn to our companies for help to advance beyond outdated talent strategies and compete for the people they need.

We have seen the market shift and needs evolve. As a result, our network of companies provides the complete range of capabilities to inform and support a strategy that uses a combination of a permanent employee, contractor, or outsourced service to achieve the desired result. For any organization looking to get more strategic in solving long-standing challenges in getting work done, there are several ingredients to a productive partnership.

An Outcome-Based Strategy

A strategic approach to talent starts with a clear view of the outcomes a client seeks. Once goals are agreed upon, the talent partner and the client can build a path toward meeting them by leveraging the right delivery models and skills. Not surprisingly, our clients are asking us to take on more outcome-based work so we can grow with them and provide a flexible range of solutions to reach those objectives.

Shared Accountability

The solution partner should have the breadth of capability to share in the accountability for the work to be done. That high-value relationship is built on goals that are measurable, with the understanding that the partners have a stake in achieving those results in collaboration with the client.

Specialization and Insight

Great partnership requires a level of specialization and insight that is not always practical to develop in-house. A good partner understands where to find the right talent, what to pay, and which proven methodologies apply to deliver on desired outcomes. To gain this level of intelligence, the partner must have an accurate grasp of the labor market, and a finger on its pulse as the balance of supply and demand changes across locations and industries.

Moving Forward

The core of our company is about creating an exceptional human experience because that will ultimately determine how well we serve our clients and candidates, and how well they do in pursuing their vision. We are making significant investments in technology and other innovations to enhance that human experience.

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