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“Plug and Pray,” the New “Post and Pray,” is Just as Ineffective

“Plug and Pray,” the New “Post and Pray,” is Just as Ineffective

The practice of “post and pray” existed in the time when job boards reigned supreme in recruiting. A recruiter would post her job description to multiple boards, hoping a qualified candidate would stumble upon it and give her a call. The idea may have sounded reasonable, but it was ineffective as many recruiters found qualified candidates had better things to do than read job descriptions or add their names to mailing lists.

Today, the problem in the new age of recruiting doesn’t necessarily lie in how recruiters practice their craft but in the technology available to get the job done. Recruiters have, therefore, started to look to tech to solve their problems, relying on a “plug and pray” mentality that a “plug and prey” hunter mindset quickly supplanted. In the process, many lost focus on the human element of recruiting.

Craig Fisher, who oversees marketing and employer brand at Allegis Global Solutions, an Allegis Group company, recently weighed in on this topic as part of a trends report on how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the customer experience authored by our innovation partner Talent Tech Labs.

Read Craig’s article to discover how recruiters can avoid getting caught up in the myriad of products available and use technology to their advantage while maintaining a personal touch.

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