The Blended Workforce - A new approach to doing work and getting work done

Blended workforce
The blended workforce has been on the rise over the course of the last decade. The global pandemic has served as a catalyst and added a new complexity – the remote worker.

A blended workforce is one where a quarter or more of the workforce is made up of different types of workers who are dispersed between locations and time zones.

While organisations are learning to capitalise on the advantages agile workers bring, key drivers for hiring remain largely spontaneous, responding to immediate needs. Now companies must learn to become more strategic about their hiring and retention planning, to remain competitive and attractive top talent with highly sought skills.

Our parent company, Allegis Group, recently surveyed decision-makers from organisations well-versed in managing blended workforces to learn how to successfully plan for, recruit and manage a blended workforce.

Download our latest white paper to learn more about:

  • The advantages of a blended workforce
  • The impact of the global pandemic
  • The need for a blended workforce strategy
  • Attracting blended talent into the workforce
  • A blended approach to workforce management
  • Blended learning, communication, and engagement
  • Growing and retaining the blended workforce

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