The Broken Job Description and the Onboarding Perception Gap

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Is your job description and onboarding experience costing you your ideal candidate?

Effective job descriptions and an optimised onboarding experience can go a long way to ensuring that candidates convert to valuable employees. However, recent research by Allegis Group uncovered a disparity in how hiring managers and candidates view the efficacy of the job description and hiring process.

Key takeaways include:

  • The most important aspects of a job description include advancement opportunities, job responsibilities and culture or environment.
  • Job descriptions are not created following best practices such as providing clear and understandable information or providing employee value propositions.
  • During the onboarding process employees disagree that hiring managers are organised and prepared for the first day, meet with new hires at the necessary frequency and give new hires a 30-60-90-day plan.

This whitepaper explores how and why opportunities are being missed during the hiring process, from the moment the job description is put down on paper until a new hire is settled into their role. It suggests areas for improvement and provides tips to providing a top-notch onboarding experience to ensure a new hire’s longevity within the organisation.


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