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Dear Working Moms: You’re Amazing, and We’re Thankful for You

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Moms are an integral part of the Allegis Group workforce, so in honor of the Mother’s Day holiday this Sunday, we sat down with a few employees here in the U.S. to discuss how they find balance, what impact their moms have had on them, and how they plan to celebrate.

Happy Mother’s Day to our working moms across the Allegis Group companies. You are amazing and richly deserving of the gifts, love, and memories created this weekend!

Q: How do you balance work and family, so your career and home life both flourish?

Breanna Alleman, Internal Communications Manager, Aerotek: I make a concerted effort to disengage from work when spending time with my family, which mainly requires not checking work emails. Detaching after work hours forces me to manage my time well when at the office and means I can use my free time to replenish my energy levels, so I’m ready to face the next challenge at work.

Tanya Axenson, Vice President of Human Resources, Allegis Group: Balancing it all can be challenging, but I try to work hard AND play hard. Whatever I am doing, wherever I am, I'm there and present. It's not always about the quantity of time engaged in any activity but the quality of that time and interaction. Give each moment your all!

Samantha Breger, Director, Communications, Allegis Group: It’s a constant balancing act to make sure I deliver at work, as well as spend quality time with my family. To help in the juggling act, I rely heavily on my calendar – reserving time so I can be present for sporting events, school concerts, or other scheduled kid or family events and, also reserving time to get work done. I am grateful to work for a company that allows me the flexibility to be a productive team member at work and at home.

Sherry Hanson, Test Engineer, Allegis Group: I am a new mom with a seven-month-old. I have been able to adjust pretty well to being a new mom and having a career. I also have an awesome husband who supports me and my career.

Cindy Neumann, Delivery Manager for Web & Creative Services, Allegis Group: It’s not easy. I closely manage and prioritize my work and family schedules. My Outlook calendar is my best friend in helping me keep all the balls in the air! I make a big breakfast two to three times a week for some quality family time, and hot yoga keeps me sane on the side.

Q: Has being a working mom or a woman inspired by a great mom made you a better professional?

Dana Baughns, General Counsel, Aerotek: My mother has always had a strong work ethic and stressed the importance of always functioning at 100% and being effective, not just present. My mother has also always been my biggest supporter and champion. Her actions and her words of guidance and wisdom have helped me be intentional in balancing being a loving mother and being a solid professional.

Jaina Baumgartner, IS Manager, Allegis Group: My mom was probably the first woman around her to try a professional and family life. She paved some of the way for me to continue on the journey.

Marjorie Fine, Corporate Controller, Allegis Group: Throughout my childhood, my mother played the role of a working mom, as well as a stay-at-home mom. She put her family first and made sure that our needs were met. When her family life became a larger priority, she shifted her focus from working outside the home to staying at home to take care of those family priorities. Whether working in an office or staying home to take care of the family, she showed me how to successfully manage many priorities at once. As a single mother of a gregarious teenage son, it’s a great challenge to juggle a career and a family life, but my mother was a great role model for me to follow. Even as a stay-at-home mom, she placed 110% into the role and inspired me to work hard at whatever I do.

Mary Pat Myers, IS Director, Allegis Group: As hard as it was on some days to leave my kids when they were little to go to work, I believe I have instilled a strong work ethic in my children. For me, working brings me great fulfillment, and I am a better mom as result. I have built a strong network through my 20 years with Allegis Group and have learned so much from the positive examples of leadership around me. I hope that I have carried this forward to my children and that they become strong leaders and positive role models in society and the workplace one day.

Shannon Stevens, HR Manager, Allegis Group: Yes, my mother is one of the best there is! She has always been a role model to my sister and me and now to our kids, as well. She is caring and kind, and she makes us laugh. I try to bring these traits with me to work each day. I strive to teach my daughter the value of hard work and that a little kindness and a little laughter goes a long way.

Heather Travaglini, Content Marketing Manager, Major, Lindsey & Africa and Allegis Partners: My parents always instilled in me a strong work ethic, and my mom made it look so natural. It was always about balance, and that’s how I look at my life as a mom and professional now.

Q: How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Alleman: I plan to celebrate Mother’s Day by going out for my favorite type of meal: brunch. It will be a family affair with the little one who made me a mom and the two wonderful role models in my life, my mom and mother-in-law. I hope to top the day off with a nice afternoon nap with my daughter.

Baughns: My husband has planned a brunch for me, my mom, and grandmother. My two wonderfully engaging children, Jared and Ava, will undoubtedly entertain and keep us laughing all day!  

Baumgartner: Since it’s my first Mother’s Day, I want to spend as much time as I can with my baby. My plan is to go to the library and listen to stories with her, and go to aquarium and watch her reaction with fish. I’m excited for our little family time.

Breger: In the past week, I’ve delighted in overhearing my two kids plotting together at night to come up with a plan for what to do for me on Mother’s Day. Whatever surprises they have in store for me, I know the day will start with a big brunch with our extended family, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with some of my favorite moms.

Fine: Typically, my mother and I take time to ourselves and celebrate with each other by having a Girls’ Day! This year, however, my brother is home from Korea after being away for 10 years, so we are going to drag him along with us!

Hanson: This is my first Mother’s Day, and I will be enjoying it with my husband and son. If the weather is nice we will be going on a hike or a walk.

Myers: I have several celebrations planned this weekend with family and friends. My son is away at school, so this will be the first time I don’t see him on Mother’s Day. That bums me out a little however I’m extremely proud of how much he has grown since going away to college.  It makes me feel like maybe I did something right along the way. 

Neumann: We have a family brunch planned at a surprise location this Mother’s Day. My mother-in-law, Carrie, will be visiting, as well, so we have two moms to celebrate. I’m looking forward to it!

Travaglini: We keep it simple and go to a local seafood restaurant that has outdoor seating with a playground. My mom and I enjoy Maryland steamed crabs; my husband and our two girls play on the playground as they are done eating long before we are.

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