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Acquisition of The Stamford Group Strengthen's Allegis Groups European Presence

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Did you see the exciting news that we just acquired The Stamford Group? This Switzerland-based staffing, recruiting, and services organization joins Allegis Group’s global network of companies that optimize talent attraction and retention while providing individuals with opportunities to realize their professional aspirations and achieve personal success.

“The Stamford Group is an innovative, proven performer in the information technology and life sciences space that shares Allegis Group’s strong passion for building long-term relationships,” said Sean Zimdahl, president of Allegis Group EMEA. “Combined with how well they match our core values and strategic direction with the wealth of knowledge and leadership they bring to the table, we’re confident in our collective ability to deliver new, creative opportunities for clients and candidates across EMEA.”

The Stamford Group has been in business over 15 years and offers a full range of sourcing solutions that help customers build internal teams, whether that requires a full project team, on-site contractors, or permanent hires. They operate under two brands: Stamford Consultants specializes in recruiting business and technology experts within the financial services, life science, and engineering sectors while Talentis Solutions supports companies in applying effective project management in order to achieve their business objectives. The company will continue to operate from its Basel, Zürich, and Nyon offices under its existing leadership.

“The future is exciting,” said Jenny Johnston, founder and managing director for The Stamford Group. “We have earned the distinction of being a preferred supplier for the most respected and recognized companies, and I’m excited to work with Allegis Group’s global network to develop our people while scaling our service and geographical capabilities. With this added expertise, scale, and breadth of services, Allegis Group is the perfect partner to help us continue to be our customer’s first-choice partner and improve people’s lives.”

Please help us extend a warm welcome to The Stamford Group!

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