Allegis Group Releases Report on Diversity & Inclusion

Hanover, MD

Unveils Survey Data Showing Companies Not “Walking the Talk” in Key D&I Practices


Allegis Group, the global leader in talent solutions, released a report today on diversity and inclusion (D&I) based on research and expertise from leaders in the world of talent acquisition. “Talent, Business and Competition: A New World of Diversity and Inclusion” explores core D&I issues and trends, accompanied by insight on how companies can approach diversity in talent acquisition and build inclusiveness into the employee experience.
In conjunction with the report, Allegis Group has unveiled findings from a survey of senior human resource (HR) executives on company D&I initiatives. Results show that despite claims of being committed to D&I, many companies are failing to ‘walk the talk’ by falling short in key practice areas.
“The report provides an informed foundation to help companies move the D&I conversation forward and overcome challenges,” said Andy Hilger, president of Allegis Group. “D&I should be more than just talk, as it delivers real business benefits, impacting areas from financial performance to innovation. Furthermore, it’s not just about hitting hiring numbers. The overarching goals of initiatives can only be achieved and sustained by implementing fundamental best-practices and cultivating inclusiveness.
“Decision-makers must understand the issues, ask the right questions, and consider the implications of recruiting and talent management,” added Hilger. “While there’s no single formula for success, this report can be a valuable resource for exploring a critical area that should now be on every talent and business leader’s radar.”

New Survey Shows Companies Not “Walking the Talk” in D&I

As part of its research, Allegis Group also conducted a survey of 500 senior-level HR decision-makers regarding the progress and commitment of their organisations to building a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Findings reveal significant gaps between companies’ stated commitment to D&I and actual actions being taken to make advancements.
When it comes to progress on company D&I initiatives, 71.5% of respondents said “we have a strategy and are making progress” or “we’ve arrived.” Yet, only 37.2% reported having diversity hiring goals, with just 30.6% saying they have fairness in compensation as a goal for their organisation.
Likewise, only a small portion of respondents claimed D&I goals exist in other areas affecting the employee experience, including leadership and development nominations (11.4%), mid-level promotions (10.7%) and senior-level promotions (10.2%).
Equally unsettling, when asked what D&I best-practices their company has in place, 26.5% reported none, the leading response. This finding indicates no D&I best-practices for employee resource groups, mentorship, training and awareness, sourcing and recruiting for diverse groups, and tracking diverse employee pay and promotions.

Report Offers Foundation for Shaping D&I Discussion and HR Success

“Talent, Business and Competition: A New World of Diversity and Inclusion” takes a talent acquisition view on the modern and rapidly changing environment for hiring and retaining diverse workers. Readers will learn about the key drivers of D&I – the business case, people involved, its influence on talent acquisition and employee experiences – and gain insight on fighting the unconscious bias that underlies nearly every D&I challenge.
Highlights include expert perspectives on what works and what does not in D&I, goals and metrics for programme measurement, best practices for candidate evaluation and selection, addressing the culture behind pay disparity, and using inclusiveness to boost performance. Also included are articles from Allegis Group experts addressing critical trends and considerations, such as: how D&I commitment touches businesses, D&I and the C-suite, talent strategy for fighting bias, and technology innovations for eliminating bias. 
Allegis Group’s “Talent, Business, and Competition: A New World of Diversity and Inclusion” is available for free download at


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