Gain an informed perspective on the changing workforce and the new priorities facing talent and business leaders today.





Trends Influencing Talent Supply Around the World 

The global workforce is changing rapidly. Skills shortages, new models of engagement, and demographic shifts, as well as economic and political forces, are pushing companies to re-think their approaches to securing critical skills. As talent and business leaders look to the future, a strategic understanding of the forces of change is essential. With that in mind, Allegis Group has developed a snapshot of notable trends influencing the talent landscape around the world.


  • Regional Views: Get a big picture view of challenges companies face. Areas of focus include the U.S., U.K., Eurozone, and select APAC countries. 
  • Macroeconomic Trends: What do population shifts and per capita Gross Domestic Product reveal about the how the workforce is changing today? 
  • Business Challenges: How are we responding to the trends? Can India train workers fast enough? Is Brexit having an impact? Is the U.S. poised for accelerated wage growth? Learn about these issues and more.
  • Talent Implications: From employee development to improved sourcing, use of flexible workers, integrated strategies, and more, what will it take to succeed in a market of talent scarcity? 

Gain a strategic perspective into the economic, demographic, and global employment trends influencing the supply of talent.


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