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Workforce Management



Designing Workforces Built for Impact Through MSP, RPO, Services Procurement and Direct Sourcing Solutions

The key to business growth and success is an ability to secure the right talent at the right time and cost, whether that talent is a traditional employee, contingent worker, freelancer or service provider. But when it comes to putting a great strategy into place, you need a team with a level of dedication, innovation and expertise that is positioned to keep you ahead of the competition. Where do you turn? Allegis Group provides an answer, with dedicated best practice solutions that help you optimise workforce management for flexible and contingent workers, traditional employee hiring and service providers.

As an Allegis Group company, Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) helps its clients unlock the power of the human enterprise through transformative offerings, including managed services provider (MSP) and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), procurement solutions, direct sourcing and the Universal Workforce Model™ framework.

With services in over 100 countries, AGS is the leading global workforce solutions provider – skilled in coupling local insights with decades of global workforce management expertise to design and deliver customised solutions that help companies transform their people into a competitive advantage.

Leading the World of Work

Workforce Solutions with a Global Reach

Allegis Group provides expertise in the specific verticals, skills and delivery models required to drive a successful client partnership. Our deep-dive engagements confirm what you’re doing well and capitalise on opportunities for improvement and cost-savings. Together, we’ll help you map your path to success. Contact Allegis Global Solutions or one of our global talent solutions providers today.