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Managed Delivery



Our Delivery Models Include Managed, Project-Based, and Outsourced Programmes

Achieving business results on time, within budget, and according to quality standards requires a range of flexible delivery models. Today’s leaders must know which methods of work are best suited for different goals and which people are the best fit for the jobs at hand.
We offer scalable services designed to support your business outcomes. From managing a team towards specific goals, sharing project delivery risk or taking on full responsibility through our Outsourced and Offshore Services, we deliver the right solution for your needs.
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Managed Services

Flexible teams, managed to specific objectives
  • Delivery Management
  • Service Level Objectives
  • Time & Materials / Fixed Costs
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Project-Based Services

Project delivery, with specified outcomes
  • Enhanced Delivery Management
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Shared Delivery Risk
  • Time & Materials / Fixed Costs
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Outsourced Services

Outsourced functions, with full delivery responsibility
  • Complete Delivery Management
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Outsourced Responsibility including utilisation of our offshore delivery centres
  • Time & Materials / Fixed Costs

Offshore Delivery Centres

  • Total 1,300 seats with expansion options
  • Advanced security systems
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Temperature-controlled data center
  • Redundant network connectivity
  • Resiliency and disaster recovery capability
  • ISO-certified Centers

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital, Cloud and DevOps
  • Data Analytics & Insights
  • Application Development and Outsourcing
  • Enterprise Integration Services
  • Network and Data Center Services
  • Continuous Testing
  • Salesforce
  • Enterprise Application Services

So if you’re looking to improve operations and achieve goals on time and budget with a partner who can scale and flex service delivery models to meet your exact needs, Allegis Group companies can deliver the support you need. Advantages include:


Increase your agility and augment your workforce needs.


Scale up or down on a temporary basis.


Save on administrative and time costs associated with contracting resources directly.


Rest easy with defined commitments to scope, costs, and terms, along with dedicated management to ensure you can start and complete your projects on time.

Risk Management

Dedicated, experienced resourcing and management teams help minimise delivery risks associated with self-sourcing.

Several Allegis Group companies deliver on
these benefits and more:

Generate Measurable Results for Your Business

Our managed, project-based, and outsourced delivery services for IT drive results that count. Get the people and support you need to tackle your toughest projects and challenges from one of Allegis Group’s global talent solutions providers.

Connect With Us

By leveraging our extensive connections, expertise, and resources across the entire Allegis Group network of companies, you can rise above the competition and meet all of your workforce needs.