Staying in Front: An Inside Look at the Changing Dynamics of Talent Acquisition

Get insights from nearly 7,000 employers and candidates about what’s working and what’s not in today’s competitive and evolving world of talent acquisition. You’ll find perspectives on job definition, sourcing, screening, and onboarding, plus trends in AI, D&I, and the Millennial workforce. It’s all here.


Recruiting Intelligence for Employers and Candidates Alike

Think everyone else is on top of their recruiting game? Think again. Only 7.7 percent of talent organizations are “high performers,” excelling in optimizing recruiting speed, quality, and cost. High performers are over 83 percent more likely than others to say they always engage in best practice behaviors spanning job definition, sourcing, screening, and onboarding.

For employers, success in recruiting requires an understanding of how companies are improving, where the main challenges are, and, most importantly, the blind spots in their processes — those unrecognized weaknesses that may be holding them back. This report explores those issues, comparing high performers against other talent organizations to provide an informed perspective on what it takes to keep an employer out in front in the continuing race for scarce, critical talent.

For job seekers, the report provides a valuable perspective from the other side of the job application. Are employers ignoring you on purpose or are their processes slow to respond? Do hiring managers truly expect you to fit all requirements or they flexible? The answers deliver a helpful perspective that can reinforce your confidence in what is often a demanding job hunting process.

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