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11 Reasons Veterans are Outstanding Employees
11 Reasons to Hire Veterans of the US Armed Forces

Recruiters know that when they hire a veteran, they gain natural leaders and exceptionally skilled employees who are trained for getting the “mission accomplished.”

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New Study Shows Major Gains in Compensation for Law Firm Partners

Major, Lindsey & Africa's fourth biennial Partner Compensation Survey reports that despite overall increases, there are still pervasive pay gaps between male and female partners. Download the full report to learn more.

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Strategies to Recruit Top Talent

Companies that make talent development a priority, integrate the on-demand workforce, and develop clear hiring and staffing strategies will win the recruiting race. This white paper offers tips on adapting to today’s job seeker’s market.

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What to Look for When Hiring an Embedded Systems Software Engineer

The demand for embedded systems software engineers is higher than ever. Here are some skills and proficiencies you should look for to make sure you hire the best talent.

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Allegis Group Completes Brand Portfolio Realignment

Now more than ever, our internal teams are primed to deliver consistent customer experiences for each of our recruitment brands, in every region we operate.

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Beating Bias: Transforming Unconscious Biases into Conscious Behaviors within Talent Acquisition

Actively working to uncover and overcome unconscious biases can reduce their impact on your recruitment efforts and help you find the right talent for the job.

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Master the Art of Onboarding

This five-part blog series will help you design the ideal onboarding program and forget the days when getting new employees up-to-speed felt overwhelming.

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College to Career: 5 Real-Life Success Stories From Recent College Grads

Like many recent college grads, it took me a long time to land my first professional job. I didn’t want to take just any old job—I wanted one where I could apply the skills and knowledge I had worked to acquire.

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Serving Others: Celebrating Allegis Group's Activism and Volunteerism

From the beginnings of our company, we have always aspired to serve those around us. Catch up with how we're living our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in 2016.

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Five Steps for Online Career Fair Success

Online career fairs have become a really popular way for job seekers to get the attention of hiring employers. It’s simple, free and can be done from your couch! It’s an opportunity to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants and ...

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