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Business Case for Diversity Thumbnail
The Business Case and Challenges of Workforce Diversity

Why are companies growing more focused on increasing diversity in the workforce and promoting a more inclusive employee culture? Find out here.  

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D&I Commitment Touches All Parts of the Business

When it comes to building diversity in the workforce, we are proud of our commitment and progress but are never content with the status quo.

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Major, Lindsey & Africa Explains how companies in China can retain their best lawyers.
Keeping Talent: Why China is Holding on to In-House Lawyers

Find out why lawyers in China have job security.

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Happy Mother's Day 2017 from Allegis Group
Dear Working Moms: You’re Amazing, and We’re Thankful for You

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we sat down with a few employees to discuss how they balance work and family, and how being a working mom or a woman inspired by a great mom has made them a better professional.

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Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity - Allegis Group staffing agency
Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Luck may play a small role in career success, but greater contributors are hard work, loyalty, and having a strong moral compass – even on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Allegis Group Staffing Agency - Happy Valentine's Day!
We Love Our Jobs!

Take a look to see what our employees love the most about working for Allegis Group.

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Succession planning, rising the corporate ladder
Build Your Next Generation of Leaders with Succession Planning

Learn the steps to building an effective succession management process that extends deeper than the CEO role from Allegis Partners’ Managing Director Mark Streifer.

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Female warehouse worker holding clipboard looking up for Aerotek blog
Working Year-end in the US

For many American workers, the holiday season means taking on a second shift, banking overtime pay and making career moves into an industry or company where they’d like to work. 

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Beating Bias: Transforming Unconscious Biases into Conscious Behaviors within Talent Acquisition

Actively working to uncover and overcome unconscious biases can reduce their impact on your recruitment efforts and help you find the right talent for the job.

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How to Manage an Intergenerational Workforce
The Kids and the Grandparents – How to Manage an Intergenerational Workforce

Baby Boomers and younger staff must play well together to create a smooth transfer of knowledge and contacts so their retirement doesn’t equate to a costly re-inventing of the wheel. 

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