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Don’t Be a Needle in a Haystack – Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out

On average, hiring managers look at each resume for six seconds. This may scare you. But armed with this knowledge, you can use it to your advantage by having a succinct and eye-catching resume. 

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Gaps in Resumes - Do They Matter Anymore?
Gaps in Resumes – Do They Matter Anymore?

One gap a few years back may barely register with a hiring manager. But multiple gaps and short tenures at your previous employers may begin to raise eyebrows.

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Bait and Switch Job Search
Bait & Switch: When the Job Isn’t What They Promised

You accepted the job offer with excitement and couldn’t wait to begin the position. But then shortly after the first day you were being asked to do a variety of tasks that had nothing to do with your role.

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When You Want the Job but Don't Have Relevant Experience
When You Want the Job but Don’t Have the Relevant Experience

You review job postings for your dream jobs, but keep coming up short (or so you think) in the relevant experience areas. Don’t lose heart. Every good employer knows that plenty of people can have the ‘perfect’ experience on a resu...

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