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Talent Advisory Scorecard

Allegis Group Survey Solutions

At Allegis Group, we believe talent is the most critical success factor in any undertaking. With over $11 billion in annual revenues, 18,000 clients, and more than eight million paychecks annually, we’ve leveraged our global reach and relationships to conduct extensive benchmark research on recruitment best practices. We are now extending our survey research expertise as a turnkey service to select clients seeking to optimize their recruitment strategies and acquire the talent needed to advance their business goals.

The Value of Our Talent Advisory Scorecard

  • Establish Benchmark: Obtain a means to objectively evaluate key stages of the recruitment process.
  • Understand Stakeholder Groups: Grasp all stakeholders’ perspectives, including hiring managers, talent acquisition, and candidates.
  • Know What’s Working Well: Recognize and celebrate high-performing areas of your recruitment strategy.
  • Identify Problem Areas: Isolate specific, actionable opportunities for improvement.
  • See What Matters Most: Assess the extent to which various behaviors impact overall stakeholder satisfaction.

Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Process

Learn how to improve your recruitment practices as seen by organizations with the most measurably successful talent acquisition programs. 

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Our Approach

Our Talent Advisory Scorecard service is straight-forward and simple to engage. You provide us with the list of survey recipients and set expectations with your internal teams, and we take care of the rest. We will administer the survey, analyze the findings, and provide three specific deliverables to help shape your future recruitment strategy.

During initial entry to the market, the Talent Advisory Scorecard is available as a complementary service to select clients that are willing to participate in exchange for a reference, should they value and appreciate the results.

Talent Advisory Scorecard Deliverables

  • Talent Advisory Executive Report: High-level and graphical insights into overall performance and key behaviors with the largest impact on stakeholder satisfaction
  • Talent Advisory Segment Analysis: Detailed view of how stakeholder and region groups compare to the industry benchmark
  • Talent Advisory Data File: All raw survey data you can slice and segment for further insight and understanding


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