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Allegis Group Code of Conduct

Since our company was founded in 1983, the Allegis Group Companies continue to be an organization of employees who are driven to succeed and motivated by a strong desire to serve others. We seek to understand our customers', consultants' and contract employees' needs and challenges in order to fully meet and exceed their expectations. We provide opportunities for job seekers that align with their skill sets and career ambitions and match our customers' expectations. We constantly partner with our colleagues to further the overall objectives of the organization and we embrace opportunities to give back to the communities where we live and work.

We believe that providing people with jobs is a noble profession and is critical to any economy. The work we do is important, fulfilling and meaningful to the lives and communities of so many. More important is how we carry out that mission every day. Because we serve hundreds of thousands of communities, customers, employees and each other, we are providing this Code of Conduct as a resource that describes and reinforces who we are and how we conduct ourselves at all times and in every part of the world.

Every day, we decide how we will conduct business. What we decide ultimately drives growth, success and progress in ourselves, our customers, our consultants, our contract employees and our organization. How we decide to act drives perception of who we are and what type of company we are building-now and for the future.

Who we are is evident in the core values we have embraced since the beginning of our organization. We believe in developing strong relationships to build trust. We believe in a strong work ethic, which creates the foundation of our success. And, above all, we believe in bringing in good people of high character. We pride ourselves on treating people fairly and with respect and truly caring about each other and the contract employees, consultants and customers we serve.

The Code is intended to be a practical, user-friendly guide, including helpful examples, to ensure our actions constantly reflect our core values. We hold our employees accountable to demonstrating behavior that is in line with the code of standards and ethics set forth in this document.

Allegis Group Code of Conduct (English)

Allegis Group Supplier Code of Ethics (English)